What to Visit in Egypt

When you visit Egypt, you'll want to visit so many sites that your trip will never seem long enough! We often meet people during our tours who have been to Egypt more than 15 times, and they keep returning to see something new! They ask about this newly discovered site, or some new tomb that has been recently uncovered, or even places that they have heard other people talk about! Here in Egypt, you will always find new sites to visit and enjoy. Egypt Tourist Places are really amazing to see with exciting sightseeing scenarios at beautiful monuments.

The adventure that is Egypt never ends! That is why it is a shame if you come to Egypt, especially for the first time, and miss the grandiose sites, such as

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Aswan Travel Guide

Aswan Travel Guide

Aswan, Egypt’s 3rd largest city and the largest in Upper Egypt, is situated at the foot of the Nile Valley to the North end of Lake Nasser. It is a major mining spot for aluminum and iron; it's also a favorite place for tourists to visit due to it being a major stop for cruise boats, for the River Nile as well as Lake Nasser. It has a local market that is an excellent place to do your holiday shopping; this is especially true if you want spices as you will find the best types of fresh spices here.


Aswan is the capital of its own Governorate and has a population of about 1.2 million. Most of these are Nubians and local tribes of Kenzo.

After the construction of the High Dam, the city became a refuge for Nubians

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The Tomb Of Beni Hassan

The Tombs Of Beni Hassan

beni hassan

About the Tombs of Beni Hassan ‎

Situated about 20 kilometers south of the city of Al Minya, about 245 ‎kilometers south of Cairo, the tombs of Beni Hassan are carved into some ‎limestone hills on the East Bank of the Nile.‎

This necropolis was established to bury the ‎dead province rulers during the Middle Kingdom on the ruins of a ‎much older burial site that was in use during the period of the Old Kingdom. ‎

The burial chamber of Beni Hassan dates back to the Middle Kingdom, from 2055 until 1650 BC. This necropolis belonged to the military ‎leaders and local rulers who chose to be buried in their provinces because of their ‎growing power and independence rather than being buried near their kings in

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The Tombs Of The Nobles At Thebes (Luxor)

The Tombs Of The Nobles At Thebes (Luxor)

This site has rock-cut tombs of nobles and high officials of ancient Egypt on the west bank of Luxor, in an area called Sheik Abd El-Korna. These men once served the Pharaohs during the time of the New Kingdom. (1500 - 500 BC)

One of the most important tombs in this cemetery is the tomb 55, which belonged to Ra-Mose. He was the mayor of Thebes during the end of the reign of Amenhotep III (Amenophis III) and his son Akhenaton, the vizier.

Unfortunately, this tomb is unfinished because Ra-Mose moved, with Akhenaton, to the new capital Akht-Aton (modern-day Tell El-Amarna), therefore the decoration work stopped, and the tomb was left unfinished, except for the scenes which

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The Valley Of The Queens

The Valley Of The Queens

The Valley of the Queens is an isolated cemetery in the southern part of Thebe's vast necropolis, on the west bank of Luxor. It contains about 70 tombs, mainly belonging to queens, princesses, princes, and nobles who lived during the XIX and XX dynasties.

In general, these tombs are smaller than those belonging to kings. The plans of these tombs usually consist of a small antechamber, a long narrow corridor with several side chambers, and at the end - the burial chamber

One of the most important tombs in the valley is the one belonging to the famous Queen Nefertari, the principal consort of King Ramses II. This beautiful tomb was in a poor condition because of the salt crystals seeping into

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The Valley of The Kings

The Valley Of The Kings

valley of the kingsThe Valley of the Kings where 62 Pharaohs are buried in. This royal cemetery is located on Luxor's west bank, down the only entrance, a long narrow winding path.

This was a secret place, where sentries guarded the entrance, as well as the tops of the hills to discourage tomb robbers.

In the past, they had plundered all royal tombs, including the treasures of the pyramids! Some thefts were probably carefully planned, but others were spur of the moment, as when an earlier tomb was accidentally discovered while cutting a new one and workmen took advantage of the opportunity.

This may have happened when KV 46 was found during the cutting of KV 4 or KV 3 nearby. The tombs in the Valley range from a

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The Pyramids Of Giza

The pyramids of Giza

Of all of Egypt's major tourist attractions, only one is at the top of any list - the Pyramids of Giza.

They're Egypt's three main pyramids, built in the 4th Dynasty (circa 2550 B.C).

The pyramids of Ancient Egypt were built as tombs for kings (and queens), and it was an exclusive honor to have such a tomb. However, this tradition only applied in the Old and Middle Kingdoms.

Today there are more than 93 pyramids in Egypt; the most famous ones are those at Giza.

Now let's go for a little tour around the site of the pyramids and try to explore the magnificence of the area:

The Pyramids of Giza


The Great Pyramid of Khufu:

Pyramids of Khufu

The famous Great Pyramid of Khufu is by far the biggest, tallest, and most intact

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